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Fordam eastern European - consulting and concept development.

We have heard time after time, that Flooding´s product would be the perfect solution in the Hungarian battle against the yearly floodings..and not to mention the Ucraine-situation, which is the main couse to the Hungarian situation (!) and let´s not forget Slovakia.
For the time beeing, it´s possible to pre-announce the flooding-situation i good time...plenty of time to prevent the disasters.
We have been working very hard in the region in the matter of explaining the advantages of the product, and after a hard struggle, we even have the Hungarian Sales-Licence.

We are ready to widen the sales-promotions to the rest of the region, becuse its a local, regional problem, which should be solved ower the borders... here, we include Austria.

Over the past 2-3 years, several products, some compatible, has been introduced.
Lets not go in to names, for the time-beeing, lets just say, that those products are good – as well.
Lot of money and research was invested in the idea, and now we see the results.
Flooding is the only product with the world-protected “terminals” idea.
This is hard to beat for the competition – allthough; they also have been inventive in other areas.

We are still prepared to have seminars throughout the regions, to make sure, that the concept is the right solution in the matter of this kind of flooding-situations.

.The price is compatibel with the traditional “ sandbag “ model.
The differences are, just to mention a few:
  • the total amount of manpower,
  • the speed – and
  • the fact, that it´s more dependable as sandbags.
  • Furthermore – after using Flooding * it can be used again and again.




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