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FORDAM EASTERNEUROPEAN in Denmark introduces
the mobile dam that replaces sandbags.

Quick and effective - Fights water with water

Use it - again and again


The global flooding situation requires action from different sides.

Governments must unconditionally help their people in prevention from floodings. The warning systems are good and new ways of preventing crisis-situations are available.

The cost & benefit factor is essential, even in remote areas.

Here is the MOBIL DAM..(see under www.fordam.dk ) - a sound way to deal with any situation as high as about 4 feets water, or 1.20 m. Dont forget, that 1 feet or 4 feets of water has the same effect on the streets and in the basements.

MOBIL DAM can ensure limited traffic, infrastructure like metros, busses, trains.Under severe conditions we can keep ambulance and military traffic operational.

MOBIL DAM can ensure hospitals, nuclear powerplants, electric plants. factorys, a.s.o.

MOBIL DAM can be used, under extreme conditions.

Let us plan for the next disaster - before it accours..

Our immidiate next step will be a dialog with representatives of several insurance companies. We want to show them how they can save money and how to lower the costs for the end-user.In fact, we imagine that insurance companies will take active part in finansing some projects.


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